About me

Angie Stoker WTS, CiT

I have worked in the hair industry for over 20 years. Trichology has been a passion of mine throughout my career as a hairdresser, and I always had a fascination with the science of hair. Over the years I’ve seen many clients suffering with hair loss and various scalp conditions and witnessed the devastating effect it can have. As a hair professional I desperately wanted to help people, but my hairdressing knowledge on these issues was fairly limited and my clients were getting a lot of confusing and misleading advice from the internet and other health professionals. This was my motivation, and my journey to become a Trichologist began.

I studied with Trichocare for 3 years and achieved my iTEC Level 4 Certificate in Trichology (CiT) with a merit in April 2019. I opened GroHair Trichology Clinic 2 months later.

Getting the right advice and care for hair and scalp disorders can be challenging. As a qualified trichologist I have the knowledge to be able to help people and offer long term support.

Code of Ethical Conduct

I am a member of the World Trichology Society (WTS).  All members must uphold a code of ethical conduct, which ensures the services and treatments provided are within the public’s best interests, and the wellbeing, safety and confidentiality of patients is protected at all times.

Members are required to maintain a good educational standard, by keeping up to date with industry relevant topic’s, evidence based treatment, scientific research, and regular attendance at events, seminars, and conferences throughout the year. This is recorded as CTE (Continued Trichology Education) points (hours), members must fulfill at least 10 points each year.

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