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Do I need any blood tests?

Some up to date blood tests can be extremely beneficial in identifying the cause of hair loss, particularly if you are experiencing an increase in hair fall. If you haven’t had any blood tests done with your GP for more than 12 months, or you are experiencing new symptoms alongside your hair loss, you can initially contact your GP surgery to arrange some blood tests before coming to see us. Which blood tests to ask for are largely dependent on your individual circumstances, but as a bare minimum this should include a complete blood count, ferritin (stored iron), CRP/ESR (inflammation), TSH (thyroid status), folate and Vitamin B12 (B12 is especially important if you are vegetarian/vegan, following any kind of restricted diet, or you have a poor dietary intake generally). Vitamin D can also be useful if available in your area. Please ask for a copy of any blood test results so I can evaluate them for you. Please stop any non-essential supplementation (particularly biotin) at least 48 hours before having any blood tests done, as this may affect results.

Is private blood testing available?

If you are unable to obtain any blood tests with your GP, we can arrange these privately for you via Medichecks.

A venous blood test with one of our partner clinics (preferred) is £129.99, this includes all the tests recommended above along with diabetes and a full iron status.

A capillary finger prick test (done at home) is £69.99, this includes all tests listed above with the exception of a complete blood count.

Additional hormone panel blood tests are available, if your symptoms suggest an underlying hormonal issue may be contributing to your hair loss. This would be arranged following your consultation if deemed necessary.

If you wish to arrange a private blood test, please get in touch using the contact details at the below.

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