Virtual clinics are available for those who are unable to attend an appointment in clinic (self isolation etc). Virtual clinics require an examination to be booked at a later date, so a complete assessment and diagnosis can be made. To request a virtual consultation please get in touch with us here.


If you are a new patient suffering with hair loss and/or a scalp issue, or you are an existing patient with a new concern, you will need to book a Full consultation with our Trichologist. A full consultation may take up to 1 – 1.5 hours, this is because hair loss can be a very complex issue with many possible causes. It’s quite common to see numerous factors contributing to one hair loss case! (particularly in women), so more time is required to investigate these issues thoroughly and to establish a possible root cause/causes.

Please be aware that Trichology is a private health care service which is currently not available through the NHS. However, many hair loss issues are the result of other underlying health conditions which can be treated by your GP.

Initial assessment

You will be asked to complete a few questions about your issue when booking. As well as saving valuable time on your consultation day, this information also allows us to be more familiar with your case, so your consultation is more productive and addresses your individual needs more successfully.

What happens in a consultation?

The consultation process will generally include the following:

  • Case history – It’s important we have a clear understanding of the issues you are/have been experiencing with your hair/scalp. There are many different types of hair loss and scalp conditions, when we know the specifics of your symptoms and how the condition started and progressed, can provide the first clues towards an accurate diagnosis.
  • General Health and medical history – Hair is frequently affected by underlying health issues, so it’s important for us to know how you are! This will include details of diagnosed health conditions, ongoing illnesses, hospital treatment, past and present medications, as well as your overall general health and lifestyle habits.
  • Diet – There’s no getting away from it……. hair and scalp health is inextricably linked with nutrition. We will look at the what, when and how you eat, as well as any digestive issues which may be affecting nutrient absorption.
  • Hair Care Practices -We will need to know what you do with your hair, including washing, styling, salon treatments and the types of products you use.
  • Examination – A thorough examination of your hair and scalp is performed. We also use Trichoscopy in clinic (digital magnifying device), which allows us to see the hair and scalp at around 50 x magnification. This is extremely useful for confirming diagnosis, as well as providing a basis for measuring treatment response at follow up appointments. We may also take hair samples to asses under a light microscope if we feel this is necessary.
  • Diagnosis – A preliminary diagnosis can be made in most cases on the day. Sometimes further investigation is required to confirm a diagnosis and probable cause of the issue. This may involve referral for blood testing, either through your GP or we can arrange this privately for an additional cost. Sometimes a referral to a dermatologist is required for further testing and treatment. Written documentation for medical referrals is provided as part of our consultation service.
  • Proposed Treatment plan – We provide a written assessment of your case, which includes information about your hair/scalp condition, likely causes and triggers (pending any further investigations needed), and an initial treatment plan. We only provide advice and treatment for hair and scalp conditions which is scientifically and/or medically proven to be effective.

Follow Up Consultation

Recommended within 12 months from an initial consultation. Evaluation of your treatment plan. During a follow up consultation we can measure progress, and make suitable adjustments to a treatment plan. Follow up appointments can be very useful in determining response to treatment. Not all progress is immediately visible to the naked eye, but with the use of Trichoscopy we can clearly identify improvements on a much smaller scale.

Consultation Prices

Trichology Consultation


A full consultation to address hair loss, scalp and hair issues. This service is suitable for new patients and existing patients with a new issue.

Children’s Trichology Consultation (under 16)


A full consultation to address childhood scalp and hair issues. Consent from a parent or guardian will be required to consult with patients under 16.

Follow Up Review


Recommended within 12 months from an initial consultation

Fagron TrichoTest Consultation


A genetic test to identify how well you respond to various hair loss treatments, so a more personalised and effective treatment plan can be established. This appointment includes a full consultation, swab test and referral to our independent prescriber.

Scalp Health

Scalp Health Consultation


A consultation focused purely on scalp issues to determine which scalp condition you are suffering with, and how best to treat/manage the problem. *optional clinic treatments are also available.
To find out more about some of the more common scalp issues we deal with in clinic, click here.

Scalp Treatments


Suitable for those itchy, flaky, inflamed, sensitive, or painful scalps. Our clinic treatments aim to help reduce and manage your symptoms, alongside any at home treatments/topical medications you may be using. An initial scalp health consultation is required prior to any treatments, to ensure the correct treatment is used.
*our clinic scalp treatments are not a replacement for any topical medications prescribed by your GP, and should be considered a supportive treatment in the overall management of your condition.

How to prepare for your consultation

  • Do not wash your hair on the day of your appointment (48 hours prior is ideal).
  • Please do not apply any camouflage products (fibres/sprays), or dry shampoo before your appointment.
  • Hair should be washed at least twice following a colour application.
  • Please bring with you a copy of any blood tests done in the last 6 months (a print off can be obtained from your GP).
Advertising image for GroHair Trichology clinic, on Hessle Road, west Hull, pictured is owner Angie Stoker in the clinic.
Advertising image for GroHair Trichology clinic, on Hessle Road, west Hull, pictured is owner Angie Stoker using the trichoscope on a patient in the clinic.
Advertising image for GroHair Trichology clinic, on Hessle Road, west Hull, pictured is owner Angie Stoker working on a patient in the clinic.
Advertising image for GroHair Trichology clinic, on Hessle Road, west Hull, pictured is owner Angie Stoker working on a patient in the clinic.
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