The clinic is currently operating normal services

Online Consultations are available.

We have implemented new Covid-Safe Measures in our clinic, to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and to ensure the continued safety or our staff and patients.

Online Consultations

What Happens in an Online Consultation

We can gather a great deal of information from you about the issue’s you are experiencing and discuss the possible factors which may be causing/contributing to your hair loss problem. From this information we should be able to provide you with a ‘probable diagnosis’, and offer you suitable advice or arrange lab testing/medical referrals accordingly.

We recommend that you don’t contact your GP for referrals/blood tests at this time. If blood tests are required to confirm diagnosis/treatment, we can arrange this privately using a Medichecks home testing kit. These are easy to do, and reasonably priced.

What we are unable to do is examine your hair and scalp, which forms an important part of our clinical consultations. Examination allows us to establish a much firmer diagnosis, and record measurements and response to treatment.

Online consultations will require a clinical examination at a later date, when it is safe to do so. 


We will reduce our consultation prices for our online appoitments. If you decide to book a clinical examination at a later date you will only need to pay the difference from our standard prices. These are listed below:

  • Initial Consultation £60 (£30 to pay in clinic)
  • Child U16 £40(£20 to pay in clinic)
  • Follow up £30

If you wish to arrange an online consultation please contact the clinic:

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