I was honoured and privileged to be asked to speak at this years Trichology conference, in association with the ART (Association of Registered Trichologists). This was a series of webinars hosted by Trichocare education, held over 3 evenings (1/6/20 – 3/6/20).

I spoke about my experience of setting up a Trichology clinic, and my journey over the last year. It was a great experience to present to the ART and Trichocare students. This was a collection of 3 presentations, also delivered by two of my colleagues, Kathryn Nash and Pamela Carter….. Congratulations ladies, you did an amazing job!

This year we were joined by the renowned Dr Jeff Donovan of Donovan Medical, who was our keynote speaker for the event. Dr Donovan is a US and Canadian board-certified dermatologist, who specialises exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. He has written and published numerous articles and research papers, which I have spent most of my training and career reading enthusiastically…..so you can imagine what an absolute honour it was to meet him (if only briefly and virtually!)

Dr Donovan spoke about his journey of becoming a dermatologist and hair loss specialist, key attitudes which form the basis of a hair loss specialist, hair loss treatments and procedures in clinical practice, and the use of Trichoscopy as a tool in the diagnosis of hair loss and scalp conditions. His presentations were incredibly inspiring and educational…. so many notes scribbled down, to take back to my clinic!

We also had presentations from the amazing Jacky Van Driel Nguene, Wil Fleeson and Brian Plunkett…… covering topics such as making Keratolytic formulations to treat scaly scalp conditions, video consultations – navigating Covid-19, Trichology knowledge v Products, and ethics and efficacy of products in clinic.

The event came to a close with this years student awards, presented by Brian Plunkett.

Congratulations to Susan for hosting the event so effortlessly and successfully!